The All American Video Poker Guide

Are you an online poker expert who is looking for a new variant of the game to spice up your gaming experience? Or are you a newbie who wants to try his hand at a fun and exciting game? Whatever the case, the All American Video Poker just may be what you are looking for!

Offered by Microgaming, a respected name in the online gaming industry, this site boasts of excellent graphics and all the features players have come to expect from Microgaming products. Aside from the attractive interface, this game is easily understood and very user-friendly, making it a viable option even for those just starting out.

It offers online support and assistance, player guides, and statistics to help you track your performance. This last feature is especially helpful for a novice who may just be honing his feel for the game and sharpening his skills on his way to the big leagues.

All American is played only against the dealer so the competition is less stressful. It hews closely to the fundamental rules of another favorite game, Jacks or Better, although some hands may mean higher pay outs, with the biggest jackpot topping off at 4,000 coins.

As with all other online options, understanding the basic rules of the game is key to formulating an effective strategy. A player can wager up to five coins, ranging in value from 0.25 to 5.00, per hand. The dealer gives the player five cards from a standard deck of 52 cards. The player then decides which of the five cards to hold, and which to be replaced by the dealer. After the replacement, the player will hopefully end up with a high value hand to win against the house.

All American also offers a Double Feature where a winning hand can result in twice the winnings. In this hand, the dealer places his one card face up. The player then picks from one of four cards that have been placed face down. Winning is as easy as picking the card with a higher value than the dealer's face up card.

All American Video Poker is a fun alternative game for everyone offering exciting pay outs with minimal pressure.