Play Free with Weekend Casino Bonuses

In order to entice more players during slow days, online casinos usually offer different types of bonuses. The weekend casino bonus offered are Deposit Bonus, Free Play Bonus and the High Roller Bonus.

As indicated by the name, the deposit bonus, is based on your deposits. It is usually given to the player once he reach a certain specified level of deposit, usually a certain percentage of his deposit amount. This can be tied up to his use of a certain type of payment whether via credit cards or online electronic payments. These are also tied to certain games that you need to play.

Another type of weekend casino bonus is the Free Play Bonus. Other names used to describe this is free money bonus, no deposit bonus, free roll bonus or free spin bonus. You earn this bonus free, without having to make any payments or deposits. These are free game plays given once you open an account and played a certain number of specific games. When you win, you cannot immediately make a withdrawal. Instead, it will be credited to your account first. In order to avoid people taking advantage by just coming in and withdrawing their winnings, most of the casinos have heavier requirements in the play through. One of the main requirements is to register as a member and to open an active account before you are given access to the free play bonus. The free play bonus amount differ from one casino to another. These may just be small amount that will still enable you to enjoy a number of games if you wager low amounts. Some offer big free play bonus but you need to play them at a specified amount of time or they expire.

The High Roller Bonus on the other hand is a weekend casino bonus reserved for those with plenty of money. As the name suggests, this is for the high rollers who play big and deposit big. This bonus is usually higher than the other bonuses and you have to meet a casino's requirements before you can qualify. The bonus may be based on currencies used in playing such us British pounds, Euros and US dollars. The player must wager a certain amount over the required deposit before he can cash out. A number of casinos have a requirement of wagering 20 times the bonus amount. This can be different percentages based on different games.